If you are interested in commissioning me to paint your next work of art, please checkout with the corresponding product and use the contact form below to reach out to describe your painting.

Here's a synopsis of the commission process...
Please be sure to share with me as much about what you're wanting in a painting. What subject are you interested in? I typically work within my range of subject matter which includes “garden” florals, fruit and floral botanicals, still life florals, “lilies and lotuses”, loose landscapes, and abstract “dots”. I do not paint portraits of people or pets. What colors would you like to be predominant? Sharing photos of the space or sending in samples of paint swatches or fabrics or specific colors brands of wall paint colors is very helpful. It’s also helpful if you have a particular painting of mine that you like so I can get an idea of what you like.
Here is my portfolio of most of my paintings... simply click on the particular painting you're interested in viewing and you'll be able to see it clearly...
I usually create a general palette or sketch out a composition before I paint or provide a palette of colors for abstracts. Before the paint dries we can make small adjustments as long as we do it before the paint starts to dry. Usually the thin layers of paint start to dry within a day or so. My paintings vary in texture and thickness so the thicker areas take longer. I usually wait at least a month to ship. Once it’s ready to ship I will notify you.
Payment depends on the size of the painting.  Sizes range from 12x12 to 72x72.  To start the project and to get on my commission schedule you will check out with the product below that corresponds with the size painting you would like. This is a 50% deposit and is not the final price. Once the painting is complete, dry, and ready to ship I will notify you to complete anothet checkout process for the remaining balance plus shipping costs and framing if any.
I can have canvases framed in traditional gallery floater frames in either gold leaf, silver leaf, white, black, or natural. Prices depend on size. If you are undecided about framing you can think about it and let me know later. 
Shipping is calculated at the end of the project and is based on the size of the painting, whether or not it is framed, and delivery address. If framed it will be shipped in a wooden crate. My studio is located in North Wilkesboro NC and can accommodate free local pickup. I travel to Asheville NC, Raleigh NC or Charlotte NC, usually every month or two and can arrange free delivery to these locations as well. 
Again, thank you so much for your interest.  I look forward to hearing from you!
Please use the form below to contact me or feel free to email me at