About Christie

Christie Younger is an American artist who lives and works in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Her paintings have been recognized by the National Oil and Acrylic Society as one of the best in America, are collected internationally, shown in several acclaimed galleries across the United States, and is continually featured on HGTV. Other features include Southern Living Magazine, Our State Magazine, Raleigh Magazine, New Hampshire Home, and many more.

Christie has a diverse background and education in fine art along with biological science. This along with her love of nature brings to life her unique artistic perspective which ultimately is intended to convey light, beauty, and simplicity while simultaneously expressing the complexities within a subject finding balance between contradictions and beauty in imperfection.

She pushes this idea further by deconstructing her view into simpler elements and destroying the obvious while simultaneously including authentic moments to convey more elaborate ideas. She is intrigued with contrasting interactions; simple vs. complex, classic vs. modern, clarity vs. ambiguity, order vs. chaos, etc. She uses texture and line to define form by sculpting oil paint with her palette knife, brush, and pencil while scratching away paint with various tools, aka, Sgraffito. All of these elements combined with her creativity and skill bring to life a painting that displays imperfect beauty in a very unique style.

“My art, I hope, coveys the dichotomy between perfection’s existence despite very obvious imperfection and illuminates the frail and fickle nature of our definitions of perfection. I hope the viewer will see something beautiful initially. Yet upon further investigation, I hope they find unhindered blemishes and a messy situation as they get to know my art better. This is both intentional and unintentional as a result of an imperfect artist who has accepted her imperfection only to build upon it to create perfection.”

Christie finds the most freedom of expression through various subject matter but is most known for her floral still lifes, abstracts, and landscapes. However, not to place limits on herself, she at times enjoys experimentation with other subjects while working with several mediums and tools at times...because...

“An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success.” Henri Matisse